Sushi Restaurant With Refreshing And Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Welcome to Sushi restaurant, which brings all the fame and prestige for Sushi restaurants. By consistent performance that excels in achieving a number of awards that includes the national award of nation's favorite Japanese restaurant 2010 under I Love Food Awards and many more.

It is a beach-side city of the nation. That always attracts both international and domestic tourists. The major group out of that love to go surfing. In such an atmosphere Sushi restaurant which is established in the heart of the city gains excellence day by day. You can also get your food delivered by best sushi restaurants via

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In showcasing the traditional cuisine as well as the fusion with the western style we already achieved a special position, and that creates our unique identity. We know that in today's hectic world dining has become a place to relax and unwind, so it must have that level of delicacy.

So to give the true value to centuries-old Japanese cuisine with all its essence we have an entire team of passionate Japanese chefs. Who can amaze you with their creative and experienced passion for Japanese cuisine, we are really proud of them.

As Japan is an island surrounded by ocean, so generally their cuisine includes fresh fish, sushi, sashimi, seaweed, and low-calorie staple food for Health.

So to reflect perfect Japanese cuisine in our menu we include a lot of items like Gourmet Sushi & Hand Rolls, Tapas, Tempura, Sashimi, Kushi Yaki, Special rolls, Noodle soup, Desserts, Beer, Sake and a great range of wine.