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Cartoline Storiche

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baby sleep specialists

How Do You Know If You Have Found The Right Sleep Consultant For Your Family In Gold Coast?

Working with family in this type of setting is very intimate, so it is highly recommended that you make sure that you are comfortable with the people you are employing. It's important to pay attention to the pediatric sleep advisor’s behaviour, his way of providing guidance and advice, and most importantly, his desire to listen to your family's unique needs. 

One of the most important qualities to look for in a potential candidate is their ability to recognize your parenting style and teach you how to alter your sleep while respecting your beliefs and possible concerns about certain aspects of the program.

A reputable child sleep counselor will never try to encourage you in one way or another. They should be trained in all methods of sleep training and it is their job to find a method that will meet the needs of every family.

As you research, decide if you and your child need basic information (written for the masses) because the sleeping situation in your home isn't desperate, but as a mom you want to make sure she's where she needs to be. 

If you need someone to provide unlimited support for two weeks for a variety of reasons, including sleeplessness, lack of outside support or assistance, the ability to hold you accountable to ensure that you join the program.

Be wary of anyone telling you they can "sleep" a newborn baby (any child under 16 weeks of age, adjusted if necessary). Newborns cannot be trained to sleep. With this in mind, there's a lot a Pediatric Sleep Counselor can teach and do during the neonatal phase, but nothing is strict and we can't officially "practice to sleep".