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Cartoline Storiche

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boric acid powder for carrom

Benefits of Carrom Board Powder

Carrom board is a fun and enjoyable indoor game. It is a great way to create an aggressive and competitive atmosphere, creating a stimulating and exciting mood for a lot of players. arrow is played with a variety of accessories, each one of which is definitely essential to playing the game. ‘

Every piece of equipment has a function to play in the game of carrom. The carrom board, coins for carrom as well as carrom strikers and carrom powder and replacement mesh, counters to track scores, and a carrom board stands for mounting the board.

Some benefits of Carrom Powder are given below:

carrom board powder is an essential component when it comes to the maintenance of the board. It aids in extending the lifespan and durability of the board and is a crucial component of carrom equipment. 

Carrom coins consist of a wooden surface. With no carrom powder, they are likely to scratch the surface more than those with carrom powder. Every board experiences wear and tear. 


carrom powder


To maintain the smooth surface of the board it is necessary to apply carrom board powder each when you play or play games. The powder lets the coins and the strikers move effortlessly, smoothly, and swiftly without harming the surface of the board.

The carom powder is available in boric powder and potato starch powder. Both are equally effective to keep your board in good condition, however, the starch powder appears to be more efficient, based on numerous studies, and is also slightly costly when compared to boric powder.