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What Are The Certifications And Training Involved For Building Maintenance Workers?

Building managers and owners rely on building maintenance companies to guarantee that their buildings are functional, comfortable, and secure for the people who work there. It involves tasks such as cleaning or painting and repairs to building systems. 

Maintenance workers in bulk perform regular tasks, while technicians in charge of maintenance oversee specific maintenance tasks. They can be assigned to and monitored by supervisors in charge of maintenance. Many building owners also hire companies like to handle all their building maintenance work.

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Training and Certification for Maintenance Workers 

Workers have a range of options to develop their knowledge and enhance their career. Programs for training and certification worth looking into include:

HVAC Certificate: This certification is available to those who have demonstrated the ability to handle HVAC systems. It is offered by the National Association of Home Builders and the Associated Builders and Contractors provide apprenticeships to help technicians achieve HVAC accreditation.

Building Systems Maintenance certification: This includes HVAC systems, plumbing water treatment, as well as the efficient management of energy.

Building Operators Certification: Accredited institutions provide level one and two maintenance classes, and candidates receive the Building Operator Certification. The subjects covered include HVAC control point management, electrical distribution, and energy management.

Some examples of Building Maintenance

Routine tasks can include:

  • Landscaping activities like cutting grass and trimming shrubs or trees.
  • Inspecting outdoor lighting for damage.
  • Cleaning gutters and drainages.
  • Cleaning outdoor areas.
  • Repairing cracks in parking areas.
  • Checking floors and ceilings for any damage caused by water.
  • Replacement of HVAC air filters.
  • Repairing fire alarms as well as fire suppression systems.
  • Examining window and door alarm systems in order to assure their proper operation.