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All You Wanted to Know about Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are hallucinogens that make people see, feel, and hear things that don't really exist. Because of its nature, it is often used by those who want to be tall. People who use magic mushrooms have anxiety, nausea, and muscle vibrations.

However, they are not addicted to magic mushrooms, also called psilocybin mushrooms. You can search the web or may buy psilocybin in Canada at

Magic mushroom contains psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance. It can be consumed in the form of tea like food by mixing it with other foods. Some even cover it with chocolate to protect the bitter taste.

People tend to see traces of moving objects and feel angry. In such cases, muscle weakness can occur along with other physical changes. This blurry experience seems to last three to eight hours.

Psilocybin in magic mushrooms develops tolerance in the user and over time more mushrooms are needed to achieve the desired effect. Although there is no known dependency on mushrooms, it has been observed that people develop trust on a psychological level.

People who use magic mushrooms tend to relax, and they often laugh or giggle. You have mental clarity, emotions get easier and the senses get more intensive. Negative mental effects can be a distortion of reality, changes in time, changes in mood, confusion, fear, paranoia, etc.

The long term effect is unknown. However, it is said that some suffer from psychosis due to prolonged use of magic mushrooms.