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Know More About Secondary Antibody

Secondary antibodies can bind to primary antibody namely ‘anti-antibody’. Secondary antibody combines enzyme or fluorescent, and indirectly detects the target protein by binding with the primary antibody, thus amplifying the signal and improving the sensitivity of detection.

Many companies offer a wide range of high quality conjugated / unconjugated secondary antibodies which can be used to detect fluorescence of primary antibodies and are suitable for conventional applications such as IF, IHC, WB and flow cytometry and others.

Boster Bio featured products can also provide the best antobosies products.


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Western blot antibodies

As a professional biotechnology company, it has more than 10,000 antibodies for Western blot analysis. Each of our anti-stain antibody products has been tagged with detailed information and a picture of the results of the experiment.

Western Blot Detection Kits

The company offers a Western blot detection kit with classic Western blot experiments, including all necessary reagents from protein extraction to yield discovery that takes advantage of the ease of use, high detection sensitivity, low background and strong stability of the Offer system.

You will also receive a detailed description of the operation and professional technical support. In addition, it offers you the convenience and guarantee of getting the perfect result from a Western Blot trial. Click here to learn more about the product.