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How To Choose A Floor Plan

When you compare house plans one more important characteristic you'll consider is the area of the floor plan, the size of the plan measured in square feet.

But I'll tell you a little secret about the "square footage" – it is not measured the same on every home plan. That means that every two house plans that appear from the same area may not be the same! You can also look for KI Residences floor plans via before buying a luxury home in Singapore.

Does that make a lot of difference when you choose a plan? Yes, it does! A difference of only 10% on 3,000 square foot plan might suddenly cost tens of thousands of dollars!

Builders, real estate professionals, architects, often all rely on a different square footage, to better suit their specific needs. House plan services also vary in their calculation protocol-region; to compare the plan area accurately you must ensure that the area is calculated the same.

Generally, builders and real estate professionals want to show that the house is as big as possible; which allows them to quote a lower "cost per square foot", and make the house look more valuable.

Plan services that design their plans will have a consistent policy in the area (and volume), but services that sell plans on consignment perhaps not.

Sometimes the information is found on the web site or a service book, and sometimes you have to call them to find out. But you should find out as it can make a huge difference in the cost of the house you ultimately build or buy!