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North Shore tree services

Selecting the Right Tree Surgeon in Sydney

With so much competition out there selecting the best tree surgeon for you can be a daunting task. Tree Surgeon is not a protected term which unfortunately means that just about anyone with a saw can claim to be a professional arborist.

So when so many local tree care businesses are fighting for your attention what research should you do and what do you ask when you call for a quote? This guide aims to tell you just that but first of all, it will explain the potential problems with attempting tree surgery yourself.

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Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

Taking the DIY approach, while not the easiest solution, it may seem like the best. It's certainly the cheapest option so "why not just do it yourself?" obviously a very valid question. There are many reasons why hiring a professional tree surgeon is a better solution. First, there is safety.

The removal of trees can be a dangerous task. Without the proper equipment, training and experience of the risk of damage to both people and property were significantly higher. The best tree surgeon trained and assessed and comply with the stringent British standards of quality and safety.

The second reason why it is better to hire a professional tree surgeon is efficiency. Using industry best equipment and have the proper training and experience enables professional arborist work necessary to compete at a fraction of the time it takes an ordinary person.