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oil and gas investment opportunites

Setting Oil Well Investment Expectations

If you receive a proposal from the operator seeking dollars investment, you should have a reasonable expectation of entering into investment.

Sometimes spreadsheet of potential profits will show a profit based on different levels of the production of 5 barrels of oil to hundreds of barrels.

Remember most of the wells in the United States will eventually end up as stripper wells producing less than 15 barrels of oil per day, with most produce only a few.

If you are thinking of investing in oil companies, then you must first gather info about how to invest in oil and gas via or from various online resources.

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It is very easy for new investors in the oil patch to get very excited about the potential. Before jumping in with both feet, investors should set realistic expectations of production.

Talk geologists and good call service company in the area to add further confirmation. Many states have an online survey that will show good geological data in the area that you are considering as an investment. The online system can be tricky at first, but it is a treasure trove of information, so be patient.

Another area set too high expectations of good service. Often, especially during the heat of the oil market as it is now, well service equipment and labor are in high demand. Therefore, there are often delays associated with getting a piece of equipment or skilled labor for the well site.