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Oktoberfest – World’s Largest Fair

On October 18, 1810, the first Oktoberfest took place in Munich, which has since been known as "the greatest folk festival in the world". More than 6 million people usually visit the Oktoberfest in Munich. 

Oktoberfest includes traditional food, music, beer, and carnival walks to name a few. You can also browse https:/ if you want to know about rogers women of the year. 


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There are currently 14 main tents at Oktoberfest. Every tent is different; The most important tent is the Schottenhamel because that is where the Oktoberfest begins. Beer may only be served on the first Saturday of the event when the Mayor of Munich knocks on the first barrel; only then can other tents start serving beer.

Diners eat a huge amount of traditional Bavarian cuisine, including roast pork, grilled fish, sausages, pretzels, dumplings, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, and other delicacies.

Beer is one of the main attractions of Oktoberfest. Each year the festival drinks 6 million liters of Bavarian beer, considered the best in the world for its "pure" blend of hops, barley, and water.

There is a lot of noise every year about how much a pint of beer costs. This year the price of a pint at Oktoberfest 2009 has gone up again, according to a news magazine.

As part of the Oktoberfest, a commemorative jug or glass is made every year. They are made of thick glass and usually have a decorative logo on the side of the brewery, which makes them very popular souvenirs with visitors.