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A Small Perth Business Advisor Makes Good Business Sense

Technically, there are only three times in your business life where you really need a small business coach: when you are first starting out when you are ready to grow and develop, and when you are ready to move on.

What do most people do? They rented a minibus to help them get started. They then hire another specialized trainer when they are ready to expand, and finally another small business consulting services in Perth to help them close their business.

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These are three different trainers for three different levels. And every time you hire a different business coach, you lose continuity. Do you really want that?

After all, your novice trainer is there from the start, right down to thick and thin. He knows everything about you and your business. He has gone through your fears with you, he has drawn the gist of your business plan and he knows what dreams you are secretly dreaming about your business.

Do you know how valuable this knowledge is?

Let's say you are gradually ending your relationship with a budding trainer and it takes 40 hours to speed up your next business coach. Priced at around $ 200 per hour, that's at least $ 8,000. And we didn't even add a single dollar to the precious time you spent training your new coach.

At this price point, wouldn't it be more profitable to have a business coach who can start your business, help it grow, and stick with it throughout its life cycle? Get in, small business advisor.