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swimming pool enclosure

Why Have A Pool Enclosure?

While a swimming pool is an excellent addition to any place, even in a wonderful climate, there are weeks, days, and sometimes months when the weather is not fit for a relaxing swim. 

These are seasons when pool preservation can look like a burden, with little to no prize for the effort and money you put in. You can also purchase the best pool cages for your pool through various websites.

Installing a pool enclosure is an excellent way to reduce the complexity and cost of pool maintenance. It also seals off the weather element and opens the pool for you all year round – in case of rain, hail, or lightning.

We could talk forever about the advantages of establishing a pool enclosure around your backyard pool, but we have decided to focus only on the most important points.

Reduce maintenance pool

The pool enclosure seals off all the leaves, debris, and trash that clutter your pool and clog the filter, greatly reducing your cleaning time. With your pool enclosed, you also save on hot pool heating costs and reduce the associated evaporation and costly chemical losses. In short, a pool enclosure saves you time and money.

UV protection

Polycarbonate offers better insulation than glass and even contains UV protection that blocks up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays. Enjoy bathing in the warmth of the sun while being protected from harmful UV rays.