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Title Registration

Which comes first: Registration or Car Title?

In general, the title of the vehicle must be filed before registration can take place. It all depends on the state.

The vehicle title is the most important document. It demonstrates ownership. It doesn't matter if you buy car cash or if you refinance it with an auto loan. You need to ensure that ownership has been transferred.

You can also look for vehicle title services via searching online.

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We have already mentioned that many states require proof of ownership before you can register your vehicle. If you just purchased the vehicle, you might be able to register your title and state registration simultaneously.

Title, registration, and auto loan refinancing-

Refinance of your car loan requires that you have the vehicle title and registration updated. However, the title is the only document required. RateGenius will work with the DMV in your state to help you with the titling process if you are refinancing your car loan.

Most registrations do not need to be updated unless they expire or you move out of the state.

You will need to change your car's registration if you move to another state or remove another driver. You don't have to make any registration changes if you don't want to.

That being said, it is crucial that you have current registration at the time of title. Registration issues could delay the title process.

The vehicle's registration must remain in good standing to be able to complete any title process, whether you are selling your car, buying a new one, or refinancing it.