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All About the Basic Camera Accessories

The camera tripod is the most basic accessory for your digital camera. Whether you are a professional photographer or it is your hobby your camera tripod provides stability and prevents unnecessary shakes when capturing images.

Most tripod which can be folded and can be easily carried around. Some even flexible in nature and tend to digital cameras point-and-shoot. Tripod provides the flexibility to shoot from different angles and get a steady shot every time.

Digital cameras coupled with a memory card. Most of them have a limit on the carrying capacity of the card. If you are on a trip you could consider bringing an extra memory card to store all your pictures. This way you do not have to worry about space on your digital camera and can shoot all you like.

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It is always handy to carry a remote shutter release. This will help you click distance shots and avoid shake. This is a great tool for taking pictures at night, when you are required to have long exposure. 

This will give you enough stability and is also useful for self-portraits and group photographs. You also need to carry a lens blower to blow the dust particles from the lens without installing sticky fingerprints or dirt from wiping cloths.