Types of Weather that are ideal for Drone Shooting

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Imagine you’ve cleaned your drone, charged the batteries, updated the drone’s software with the latest one, and packed up. As soon as step out of the house, you see rain. In such cases, everything gets cancelled and you stay at home. Weather condition play a major role in the line of drone shooting. Drones rely heavily on mother nature where the shoot may need to be rescheduled for another day. Therefore, these are some of the types of weather which makes it ideal for your drone shooting.

  1. During Clear and Sunny Days – During this time of weather, you will be witnessing a ton of shadows on the terrain. It all depends on you at the end of the day where if the size of the shadow isn’t bothering you, then you may shoot right before mid-day. On the other hand, mid-day makes the shadow to be small allowing you to add more colors and highlights
  2. During Partial Cloudy Days – If your aim is to add contrast and depth to your scenes, then shooting during partial cloudy days is going to be an ideal choice. These are the times when the shadow will be larger. However, setting up the exposure of your drone camera can be a little tricky.
  3. During Overcast Days – The view of the skyline isn’t going to be great however, the clouds makes the view ideal by scattering the sun’s light. During this time, your scenes will be able to achieve low-contrast and high-color saturation as the end-result.

You should consider taking a few drone training courses allowing you to fly with ease during any type of weather.